Egyptian doctors warn against 'Hitler shot'

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 Egyptian doctors warn against

According to Kamal Tabiha, a correspondent for the National newspaper in Cairo, last Sunday the Egyptian Ministry of Health warned of the danger to the health and life of patients of a drug that is a mixture of antibiotics, strong painkillers and the steroid hormone cortisone. The drug, known as the “Hitler shot”, is popular in the country's rural provinces, where it is widely used against Covid-19 and the flu.

Dr. Ahmed Doma, a member of the Egyptian pharmaceutical syndicate, took part in the popular Egyptian talk show, where he spoke about the dangers of a popular drug for the health and life of patients.

Dr. is especially dangerous for patients with allergies or respiratory problems, and cortisone in a cocktail of narcotic painkillers can cause a decrease in people's immune response.

take them uncontrollably for any reason. Unfortunately, Egyptian patients have free access to medicines that only a doctor should prescribe, — he said.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, a spokesman for the Egyptian health ministry, warned that the antibiotics used in the " “Hitler shot” can cause anaphylactic shock due to uncontrolled dosages and lead to death of the patient. superbugs".

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