Egypt negotiates with Israel over starving terrorist

Egypt is negotiating with Israel over a starving terrorist

Egypt is trying to mediate in ending the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash (Khiasha).

Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds; reports that Cairo is in talks with Israel over the fate of Abu Hawash, who went on a hunger strike about 140 days ago.

According to the newspaper, Egypt offers Israel not to extend the prisoner's administrative detention, which expires in February 2022 of the year. In return, Abu Hawash will end his hunger strike.

Previously, Islamic Jihad issued a statement in which he threatened Israel with an “ explosion '' if the prisoner dies.

It is worth noting that in addition to Egypt, Abu Hawash is concerned about the fate of Abu Hawash in Great Britain, where they said that the Israeli authorities “ must fulfill their obligations under the international the right and either indict the detainee or release him. ”

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