Egypt builds garbage pyramid to draw attention to climate change

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 Egypt builds garbage pyramid to draw attention to climate change< /p>

Egyptian environmental activists built the world's largest plastic waste pyramid near Cairo using 18 tons of garbage fished out of the Nile River. The project launched the 100YR CLEANUP initiative to clean up the planet over the next 100 years, reports the Daily Express.

The pyramid is made up of the equivalent of a million plastic bottles. Activists stressed that the opening of this pyramid was made possible thanks to the initiative of the wine company The Hidden Sea, which takes plastic out of the ocean every time someone buys a bottle. Justin Moran, founder of The Hidden Sea, said the pyramid is only part of an incredible crisis.

“It's time to draw a line in the sand and change how we manage the crisis. Those who have the ability are responsible”, – he said.

100YR CLEANUP founder Mike Smith also said that it is impossible to solve the plastic crisis alone.

“Working together with companies, industry leaders and inviting the public to take direct action , we will be able to develop a scalable solution to the problem and make a huge impact”, & ndash; Smith noted.

The authors said that both companies plan to raise a million dollars during 2023, which they estimate will help take out 15 million bottles and achieve the initiative's mission annually for the next 100 years 5 days a year. The article noted that the initiative was aimed at drawing the attention of COP27 participants to the climate crisis.

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