Egorov turned to Zelensky: will Appear in the light of God. Show where you

Егорова обратилась к Зеленскому: Появитесь на свет божий. Покажитесь, где вы

Egorov turned to Zelensky: will Appear in the light of God. Show where you
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The presenter does not understand that people will live in quarantine.

Ukrainian TV presenter Snezhana Egorova addressed to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky through the stream on Facebook. Celebrity asks the head of state to speak with citizens of their country.

On The Maidan

– Hello, Vladimir Aleksandrovich. Again I appeal to you, Snezhana Egorova – the citizen of Ukraine, a mother of five children, leader of the public organization. Perhaps you have not had time to follow my public life, but for the past seven years I have been actively engaged with the human rights of women and children and accordingly has achieved certain results in the sphere of payment of alimony to single mothers and single fathers from other parents who threw their children. In the field of departure of children abroad, beginning the celebrity.

Yegorov said that in seven years to experience for yourself “the beauty of what was happening in our country” and all the values of the Maidan.

Initially I was against Maidana. Lena Kravets will not lie that in his time, when all Ukrainians visli downline to independence, vote for btvs, we sat together in one of the restaurants on the birthday of my friend. I cried and requested her friends, in particular, and Yuri Gorbunov, thepersonal cholovika Katerini Osadca I teleidoscope TV channel 1+1, don’t go to the Maidan, she confessed.

Snezhana assured them that she had a dream that on Khreshchatyk shed human blood. According to her, Gorbunov laughed and said, “This is impossible, because we in Europe”.

– I knew all over the Kiev. You know, sometimes in life things happen that are impossible in the civilized world. But as practice shows, sometimes the plane, flying from a country with civilians may fall to the ground, because he accidentally hit someone’s rocket. Vladimir, they say that God loves a Trinity and so I am to you for the third time turn. Hope the Internet which will carry to you my complaint, said leading.


Egorova assured that waiting for the moment when the head of state will communicate with citizens not in a formal setting “reigning movoyu”. It is the opinion of mothers of many children, not similar to Ukrainian.

– Vladimir Aleksandrovich, appear in the light of God. Show where you are! We begin to worry, maybe you got kidnapped by aliens, you flew into space? Maybe you are under the influence of a very noble and honest people. Answer the questions asked Snezana.

The actress admitted that before recording the video the whole night crying. According to her, she for a long time so don’t feel bad.

– When I said yesterday that we have no masks for the doctors, for the elderly. They are not pharmacies, they are not worth 1 hryvnia. They are sold exclusively through the Internet on 50 hryvnias. I have a question, friends, which one of you is the amount of savings that you can the next three months, perhaps six months, is in a state of quarantine: do not go to work, not to make money but simply to spend their savings. And where did you get such large savings? So I like, not the last girl in the country and is always well earned, but for the last seven years – I’m disgraced, toxic and driven by the presenter. You know why? Because protecting the rights of women and children, – said Egorov.

Leading doesn’t understand how the state would compensate the women and children, the elderly and people who sit at home to care for sick children or relatives, “limousine perebuvannya in the home”.

– Yes, we all like to sit at home and watch some “Quarter-95” or some “voice of the country”. TSE so much fun we used to Buda, we yakscho bude scho STE. Ale yakscho not bude, the VSI vashi visokobudzetni, Veseli, Dotan I tak vysokotehnologichnye design will vzhe not as relevant. Vladimir, do you understand the difference between what once you were President of your private business, and now a President of a country with 40 million population. You know how it will feed, save?, asked Snezana.

Egorova assured that raising two minor children, she can’t afford to stay at home.

– According to the legislation of the country of Ukraine, which imposed a moratorium on the death penalty, there was free medicine and education, in April of this year I could get the title of mother-heroine. Because in the country, which had children, raised them on their own, women were given for the birth of the five children of the title. But no, I don’t pretend!, – explained the celebrity.

According to the presenter, she cried all night because she feels sorry for Ukraine.

I feel sorry for Ukraine as Vanka Zhukov. Because we are enslaved and have been punching us and already Yanukovych would be good when the dollar was at eight, if only ammatti film. And to go back to those times in which we lived so awful, bad, disgusting, but somehow you know joy and song. And we thought that the 95th quarter is a great project. And now, not funny at all, Vladimir Aleksandrovich, – said Egorov.

Snezana said that recently her friend came and brought products with the words: “In any case, let it be, suddenly the hunger.” In her opinion, it is not necessary to laugh and representatives of show-business people who buy up buckwheat. She still remembered the words Zelensky that if he isn’t, then I will post.

– Vladimir, how do you assess the efficiency, i.e. the efficiency, at the moment, when the country sold the mask. Bandits, thieves, as people say, and not in jail, and in the offices. And what are we to think? – she added.

And in the end Egorova made another question with the President: “And if you want to read the comments under my post?”.


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