Egged reports route optimization 947: change in both directions

Egged announces route optimization 947: change in both directions

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Route 950, which currently operates only from Jerusalem to Netanya, will operate in both directions.

Route 947 will change its route and now will operate in a new direction from Haifa (via Netanya, Wingate, Highway 531 and Highway Geya) to Petah Tikva in both directions.

Route 947 from Haifa (central bus station Hof Hakarmel) to Petah Tikva (railway station Kiryat Arye)

The route goes to the central bus station in Netanya, leaves Netanya and at the Netanya interchange turns right onto road no. 2 (coastal road) to the south, left (at the Hof Hasharon interchange) onto road no. Highway 531, turns right (at the Ra'anana South junction) and stops at the Ra'anana junction terminal (outside the terminal on Derekh Hasharon: on line 921), continues on road No. 4 (Geya highway) before the Geya junction, turn left (from Gesher station).

Continue along Jabotinsky street in Petah Tikva, turn left (after Rabin Medical Center) onto Rabbi Moshe Malka Street, continues straight to Zevulun Hamer Street, turns left onto Shlomo Shmelzer Street and ends its route at the Kiryat Arye railway station.

Route 947 from Petah Tikva (Kiryat Arye Railway Station) to Haifa Carmel Central Embankment)

Leaves Kiryat Arye Railway Station and turns left at Derech Shlomo Schmelzer, then right to Zvulun Hamer, continue straight until Rabbi Moshe Malk, turn right at Jabotinsky, then right (at the Geya junction) on Highway 4, continue to the bus terminal at Ra'anana junction (stop inside the terminal), leave the terminal and continue drive along Highway 531 and Highway 2 (coastal road) to the Netanya interchange, exits at the interchange, enters Netanya, continues to the Central Bus Station. and from there on the previous route to Haifa

Route 950 from Jerusalem to Netanya

Continue working on the existing route. Stops will be added to the route at Sgula Junction and Neve Itamar Junction (Highway 57)

Route 950 from Netanya to Jerusalem will operate on Route 947 and stations on the previous route on the Netanya & ndash; Jerusalem.

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