Egged Bus Driver: I Told Passengers to Crouch

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 Egged Bus Driver: I told the passengers to duck< /p>

The driver of the Egged bus, which was shelled by terrorists last night in the Ofra district, gave an interview to Israeli TV Channel 12.

The driver, N ., says: “I left the central bus station of Jerusalem on route 464 in the direction of Ariel. I drove into the settlement block, dropped people off at Ofra, drove out of Ofra, I was driving at a speed of 80 km/h and suddenly heard “so, so, so” At first I thought that the bus was thrown with stones. I told people to duck. I rushed from there. I told people to call the police and the army. I was so scared. under such stress. I drove to Shilo and checked on the bus. The police and soldiers arrived”.

According to social media, the driver is an Israeli Arab.

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