Efforts in vain

Des efforts en vain

The Marquis de Jonquière would have probably deserved a better fate for their opening match in front of 1650 spectators gathered at the Palais des sports. However, despite their efforts, it is the Assurancia of Thetford who had the best, winning 2-0 with the last goal scored in an empty net.

In the first, the visitors were the first to enter the score through Christophe Losier. This will be the only goal of the game before Matthew Medley mark to 17 seconds from the end on a shot that ricocheted off the strip before ending his race in an empty net.

The Marquis, it was easy to redouble their efforts in the third (16-8 in shots), nothing seemed to work. So much so that the men of Benoit Gratton have not even been able to enjoy a double numerical advantage early in the third. Nor is it a numerical superiority with a little over three minutes to go in the encounter. Playing everything while the score was still 1-0, the coach Benoit Gratton has withdrawn its custodian for the benefit of the attack, but it was just lost. The keeper of Thetford, Philippe Cadorette and his teammates have kept the door closed. First star of the match, Cadorette has also saved the furniture to the halfway point of the first, while the Marquis got rid of a disadvantage of digital to almost be able to outwit.

Despite the defeat of his people, the head coach Benoit Gratton believes that its troops were to play their best game up to now. “For once this year, I can say that I’m really proud of our performance. Our players have competed from the beginning to the end. It is sure that we would have liked to be maybe a little more opportunistic. Once again, we also lacked a bit of cohesion and finishing. During the 5 against 3, if we had scored a goal, we came back in the match and it would have completely changed the course of the game. The game is played there. That said, it is a step in the right direction “, he commented.

“It has pretty much been the best match of all the players, but it is just too bad that the score does not reflect the pace of the match, because I think we deserved a better fate,” he says, giving also credit to the goalkeeper and players of the Assurancia, who have blocked several shots.

“Yes, they have done a good job, but to us, it will be important that you find a way to make the puck at the net. “

Of course, the absence of certain elements has been forced to redraft its trios, which did not prevent him from loving what he saw. Among the players who have captured the attention of the coach, that supporters, the robust Danick Paquette arrived in the top of the list. “I have found that it is fully involved in all aspects of the game and I think that it has not yet seen the best of him. He will feel better and better over the games and the supporters will love it. As the season goes forward, the more this is a player who will be important for the team “, avance-t-il.

He also liked the work of the defensive, including Jonathan Diaby, Mathieu Brisebois and Jonathan Oligny which have been solid.

Saturday, the Marquis will be in the direction of the Beauce to take on the Cool FM de Saint-Georges. James Desmarais’ll be donning the skates and the young Samuel Blanchette will accompany the latter to the training for the occasion.

Des efforts en vain



The organization of the Marquis has made it big to highlight the career of Serge Émond, journalist freshly retired from the Daily life and Progress. In addition to performing the ceremonial puck, the former director of sports has received a sweater of the Marquis to his name, featuring the #38, in reference to the number of years spent in the coverage of hockey and the athletes of the region. He also received a magnificent framed version of the sweater-memory. The DG of the Marquis, Marc Boivin, municipal councillor and president of the sports Commission in Saguenay, Michel Thiffault, and the owner of the Marquis, Eric Claveau, proceeded to the delivery of the jerseys in the two versions of the team colors.

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