Effective medical treatment available in Kiev

Эффективное лечение зависимостей, доступное в Киеве

According to a recent study conducted by the world health organization, in Ukraine more than 1.7 million people suffer from alcohol dependence. About 350 thousand people inject drugs. So, according to break so many families and leave a mark on the lives of millions of people.

This is not surprising in a country where alcohol is very cheap (compared to other European countries), and the announcement of the sale of drugs can be found right on the streets. You can argue long about what consequences may result from alcohol and drug abuse. However, if a dependency has been formed, it is much more important to know how to get rid of it. The most effective way – not going to the traditional healers, and appeal to professionals specializing in addictions.

In Kiev, the treatment of addictions and psychological dysfunctions successfully engaged in the “Atos” walk-in clinic. She works since 1999 and is involved in all phases required for successful treatment. This organism detoxication, psychological rehabilitation of patients and improving therapy.

Another direction of our work – gambling. Unfortunately, many
not notice this problem before until this excitement begins
to destroy the psyche. The result – a broken marriage, debt hole, loss
self. In this and other cases with dependency support should be
close people, can take a sober look at the situation and the harm
it brings.

The experience of people receiving active therapy for specific conditions
shows that a scientific approach to these issues works best.

Why should you contact the clinic “Atos”:

complete anonymity. Many are ashamed to talk about their problems even with the doctors and put off a visit to the experts. It is not worth doing, all the doctors understand the sensitivity of the issue and ensure anonymous treatment.

great experience: is a licensed clinic with more than 15 years of practice;

availability of hospital and outpatient treatment;

modern technologies and techniques. Staff regularly attend refresher courses and are “in step” with the world achievements. Recovery is promoted and the clinic has modern equipment with the latest technology;

goodwill. Addiction is closely intertwined with the psychological state of a person. And therefore requires a special approach to treatment. Specialists of the clinic step by step help to get rid of these shackles, acting not only through tests but also considering the feelings of the patients.

If you or your loved ones are faced with alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, psychological dysfunction, Shopaholic, sexual, food, drug and other addictions, don’t wait until they destroy your life. In time turning to the doctors, you make the recovery faster and are saved from the damaging effects of addictions.

Take the first step towards a fulfilling life today!

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