Effective diet to rejuvenate the body

Ефективна дієта для омолодження організму

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Nutritionists explained step-by-step plan to reduce weight. And this diet will help to rejuvenate the body.

Nutritionists suggest to try the daily interval fasting break for the weekend. To eat follows the scheme: 8 hours eating, 16 hunger. Whom difficult – 12 o’clock eat 12 hunger. Also dietitians recommend a sober look to evaluate your diet.

First of all, reconsider your intake of carbohydrates and remove all snacks: apples, cookies, tangerines, bread etc. Experts suggest you to add foods containing healthy fats. These include avocado, fatty fish, lard, coconut oil, vegetable oil.

Also, nutritionists recommend daily to eat 500-700 grams of vegetables. If you want to bring her figure in order, you need to learn how to cook beans and use them to replace, at least 30% of the protein products in the diet. Doctors strongly recommend to close all questions regarding health: visit the dentist to do an ultrasound and to visit all the doctors you need to check the gastro-intestinal tract, with no teamwork which makes no sense diets and vitamins.

Ефективна дієта для омолодження організму

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