Educational programs for different purposes from the school of English Englishdom

 Educational programs for different purposes from the Englishdom English school

Knowledge of English – pretty useful skill. It can be useful when applying for a job, on a trip abroad, when you want to make friends with residents of foreign countries, when reading instructions for a household appliance, and in many other situations. If your knowledge is limited to the school curriculum, and you think that this is not enough, do not despair. Englishdom's online English school teacher services will help solve this problem.

Educational programs for every taste

The online English school Englishdom has courses for all levels. Depending on the goals set by the student, the choice of the following programs is possible:

1. Quick start. These are English lessons for beginners, attending which you can quickly get the basic knowledge necessary for further acquisition of writing, speaking and reading skills.
2. Free communication. This course is aimed at developing communication skills, so during the learning process the teacher will devote the lion's share of time to the development of speech skills.
3. Travel. In this case, the emphasis will be on phrases and clichés that tourists usually encounter within the walls of the hotel or outside it.
4. Moving abroad. The teacher will provide students with the knowledge necessary to communicate with local residents, the ability to navigate the streets of the city, visit shops and other important places.
5. Preparation for passing exams. The content of the course will depend on what type of exam the student will take. Preparing for graduation and
The international exam is conducted according to different programs.
6. English for work, interviews. It's about learning business English. Students learn vocabulary, grammar and speech patterns used during business communication and filling out documentation.

Tips on choosing the right course option can always be obtained from the school administrator.

What if I can't keep up?

This is a fairly common problem adults face. The leaders of the online school have taken this moment into account, so each student can choose from among the proposed options the one that will be most suitable for him.

To make sure that the services of the online school are really suitable for you, take a free trial lesson. By getting to know the teacher and attending the class, you will be able to draw objective conclusions about whether you want to study in Englishdom.

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