Ecological disaster in the Red Sea: the UN takes action

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 Red Sea environmental disaster: UN takes action

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The UN is launching a fundraising campaign for an operation aimed at preventing an oil spill from an old Yemeni oil tanker in the Red Sea. This was announced by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator David Gressley. “We hope to raise $5 million by the end of June,” — he said. An oil spill from the 45-year-old oil tanker FSO Safer, which has not been serviced for seven years, and is located near the Yemeni Houthi-held port of Hodeida, could lead to an eco-catastrophe in the Red Sea. The ship could break up at any moment. According to the UN, Safer contains four times more oil than was spilled in one of the world's worst environmental disasters on the Exxon Valdez in 1989. An oil spill could destroy ecosystems, the fishing industry would be shut down and the port closed for at least six months. The catastrophe may also affect the Israeli Eilat. The operation to transfer 1.1 million barrels of oil to another vessel could begin next month.

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