Eco-burial: New York state allows the dead to be turned into compost

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 Eco Burial: New York State Allows Composting of the Dead

New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul signed into law legislation authorizing “natural organic processing” human remains. We are talking about turning the dead into compost, which is considered the most environmentally friendly form of burial.

The body of the deceased will be placed in a special sealed container along with sawdust, straw or alfalfa. This creates ideal conditions for microbes, which take a month to process the remains into compost. The resulting land will be handed over to relatives who can plant a tree or bushes in it.

Proponents of the new type of burial note that it also saves space for burial – besides the fact that ordinary burial or cremation produces carbon dioxide.

“This is a huge step towards the introduction of green burial throughout the country,” – says Return Home, a provider of similar services in Washington state.

Opponents, not least clergy, speak of ethical issues.

“Does not apply to human the remains as garbage”, – says the statement of the Catholic Bishops of New York.

already possible in five US states – Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont and California.

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