Eco-activists planned to take the “king” of Britain hostage

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 Eco-activists planned to take the < /p>

Protesters from the Just Stop Oil group planned to steal the wax figure of the British King Charles from Madame Tussauds, but abandoned the original plan and simply smeared a cake on the figure's face.

According to The Mirror, Tom Johnson, 29, and Eilid McFadden, 20, were found guilty of planning to take the wax figure as a hostage.

The two, both from Scotland, were standing next to the wax figure in famous museum, and took off their coats to reveal the band's T-shirts.

They then “made short speeches about climate change.” The police arrived at the scene and both accused were arrested.

“When we were developing the action, we considered other actions, such as holding the figure of King Charles III hostage. We agreed that this could be very disturbing or scare anyone at the scene, so we decided to stand next to him and calmly recite his words,” one protester said. Sterling.

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