Earthquake in China: missing person found after 17 days

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 Earthquake in China: missing person found after 17 days

A man who was considered missing after an earthquake and spent 17 days in the mountains was rescued in China.

An earthquake of magnitude 6.6 occurred on September 5 in the province Sichuan. Then Gan Yu and his colleague Luo Yong stayed at the Wangdong hydroelectric power plant to help injured colleagues and prevent flooding by releasing water from the dam.

The two then tried to escape by walking about 20 kilometers through the mountains around the plant, the Air Force reported.< br />
Rescuers searched the area for survivors, and two men tried to signal that they were alive. Finally Luo Yong went to look for help. He was found on September 8, he told the rescuers that his colleague was left in the mountains.

When the rescuers arrived at the place where Yong left Gan Yu, the man was gone. The rescuers found only abandoned clothes and assumed that he may have died of hypothermia.

Later, a farmer who knew the area joined the search. He heard Gan Yu's screams and called the rescuers, who took the man to the hospital with fractures.

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