Early stroke risk linked to blood type – study

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 Early stroke risk may be related to blood type - study

A new study shows that a person with blood type II (A) may be more likely to have an early stroke, while a person with blood type I (0) is less.
< br /> The study, published Wednesday in the journal Neurology, analyzed 48 studies involving nearly 17,000 stroke survivors and more than 570,000 stroke-free people.

“Our meta-analysis studied the genetic profiles of people and found an association between blood type and risk of stroke at an early age. The association of blood type with late stroke was much weaker than with early stroke, & mdash; said one of the leaders of the study, Braxton Mitchell.

Mitchell and his research team at the University of Maryland School of Medicine examined the potential link between blood type and risk of the most common ischemic stroke. By looking at four major blood types (I(0); II (A); III (B); IV (AB)), they found that people with blood type II (A) have the highest risk of early stroke, which occurs before the age of 60.

In addition, the team noted that people with late stroke were more likely to have type III (B) compared to controls.

Nearly 3.5 deaths from ischemic stroke worldwide in 2020 were reported by the American Heart Association. million people.

“This study raises an important question that requires a deeper understanding of how our genetically predetermined blood type may be associated with the risk of early stroke,” said the dean of the University School of Medicine. and Maryland, Mark Gladwin, noting the relevance of continuing research.

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