Early graying is sign of aging — the scientists

Ранняя седина не является признаком старения — ученые

Scientists led by doctor-trichologist examined the phenomenon of early appearance of gray hair

The researchers argue that early gray hair is not a sign of the near approach of old age, but on the contrary, indicates good health and therefore longevity.

Ранняя седина не является признаком старения — ученые

American doctor-trichologist Joe Cincotta headed the experiment, which was attended by thousands of volunteers. Scientists and doctors monitored the diet, lifestyle, amount of tension and stress, skin colour, hair condition etc of the subjects.

It turned out that stress plays absolutely no role in the sudden appearance of gray hair in humans. The expression “turned white overnight” — no more than a metaphor, since part of the subjects had experienced severe stress in life, parting with a loved one, loss of business and even the death of a loved one. None of them showed up and added silver strands in the hair.

Another interesting discovery was that the color of the hair meets the substance glutathione, which is produced only by the human body. In its properties it is similar to antioxidant and it is impossible to obtain or to synthesize out of the human body. The lack of glutathione leads to serious heart disease, in some cases even to cancer. Production of this antioxidant decreases with age.

Ранняя седина не является признаком старения — ученые

Thus, the appearance of gray hair means that the body does not use valuable substance glutathione to maintain their color and directs it resources to other more important life processes. The hair pigmentation is such an important process is not, so it’s just easier to treat the trouble in the form of graying hair.

Especially grey hair is not interrelated with the processes of aging: wrinkles, condition of internal organs, slow metabolism, etc.

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