DZIDZIO – I love you, Kiev: see bright clip-on hot new song

DZIDZIO – Я люблю тебе, Київ: дивіться яскравий кліп на нову запальну пісню

Video premiere DZIDZIO

Mega DZIDZIO (real name Mikhail Khoma) produced the incendiary hit, “I love you Kiev”, and presented a striking video for the new. Watch the video and share your impressions!

In the song “I love you Kiev” Lviv DZIDZIO recognized in the senses of the capital of Ukraine with which he has long built their relationships for the first time to conquer it failed.

The shooting occurred in the center of Kiev, in particular in the famous historical places that they know and love the residents and guests of the capital: Kiev, Andrew’s descent, metro station “University”, Khreshchatyk street and Independence square. The video was directed by Bruce Paramor, and the text and lyrics were written by DZIDZIO.

Watch online new video DZIDZIO – I love you, Kyiv:

On the eve of the DZIDZIO posted on his Instagram the story of how he fell in love with Kiev. “We first met with you, when I, along with the student choir on stage of National Palace “Ukraine” sang “Boday Sya Kogut znudyv”. Emotions shimmered so much that I decided to go a stride in front of the restaurant. I went in, opened the menu, closed the menu and walked out. I am afraid I could not understand how so people are unable to pay for expensive food! So I decided not to start a relationship, because you can’t even pay for dinner,” recalled the singer.

“A year’s time, every Friday and every Sunday I lived on the train, could not find a place, I was drawn back home to you at the same time. I did the impossible: flip, the splits in the air berezovsy… And you know, I noticed you liked it a lot. I finally understand what You want. You want to discover my SUPERPOWERS! Thank You for that! And only now, after 7 years I can honestly say:

I love you, Kiev is my town,
Love you sincerely for what you have,
You for me – the best city of happy dreams,
So how not to love you, my Kiev!

DZIDZIO – Я люблю тебе, Київ: дивіться яскравий кліп на нову запальну пісню

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