Dzhigan showed off his fish

Джиган похвастался своей рыбиной

Dzhigan showed off his fish
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The rapper is resting after discharge from the rehabilitation clinic in Miami.

Dzhigan released from the rehab clinic in Miami, which allegedly treated for alcohol and drug addiction. In addition to exploring the streets of American cities, Ukrainian rapper decided to unburden fishing. Their catch star boasted to subscribers. Judging from the picture of the fish he caught, and shot.

– Today, great! Friends, make 3 wishes! he wrote on Instagram under a photo.

Dzhigan also added that “the best weapon against stupid people is to ignore, and the best defense against the haters – it’s humor!”.

According to rumors, the 34-year-old dzhigan so much celebrated the long-awaited birth of a son, that became aggressive towards the native. According to rumors, the reason was his drug and alcohol addiction. The media discussed the details and say the wife of rapper Oksana Samoylova is going to file for divorce, but he dzhigan said he thought it was better.

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Today, great!💪🏽🐟💙 Friends, make 3 wishes !🤍🙌🏽

Publication from dzhigan / GeeGun (@iamgeegun)


Oksana Samoilov – problems Dzhigan: the Situation is complicated by

Despite this, the 31-year-old mother happy birth of David.

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