Dzhigan grabbed a knife and started playing with children

Джиган вооружился ножом и затеял игру с детьми

Dzhigan grabbed a knife and started playing with kids
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Photo: Instagram Dzhigan.

The rapper has dedicated their daughters to the knights.

Rapper djigan, returning to Moscow from Miami, gave a dangerous game with children. The artist has devoted three daughters, the knights used the knife on one side of which is written “Faith and honor above all”, on the other “Legion”. Fortunately, the children were calm and the entertainment went without tragic consequences.

– I dub thee. You now – lion Legion! Faith and honor above all else. All knights, let’s go, knights! said djigan, and the children ran away.

Then dzhigan Boxing with the coach and posted a video. The rapper also posts pictures of cigars and his wife Oksana Samoilova. The latter recognized that her husband, who celebrated the birth of son David that he was in the clinic there are problems. Samoilov said that in the current situation, you need to take care of yourself and children. Fans noticed that Oksana took off his wedding ring.


Geegun became godfather to David and ran into criticism: You’re his dad!

Members decided that the rapper had baptized his own child.

Armed dzhigan shocked fans by shooting

It is reported that before he was treated.

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