Dynamo – Zenit. Preview and prediction for the match of the 10th round of the RPL

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 Dynamo - Zenit. Preview and forecast for the match of the 10th round of the RPL < /p>

Zenit does not know defeat for 9 rounds, like Rostov. Dynamo also held out for a long time, but in the last round they lost to Sochi with a relatively equal game. Will Muscovites be able to impose a fight on the champion of the country and earn at least some points? It’s somehow impossible to talk about victory, you see. Let's see what bets can be considered for one of the central meetings of the entire tour

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Dynamo suffered their first defeat in the RPL in the last 8th round away from Sochi. Not to say that the Muscovites played poorly, but 2 quickly conceded goals decided the outcome of the entire meeting. Even despite the fact that we managed to win back one ball quickly enough, this did not bring serious dividends.

In the middle of the week, we managed to win the cup match against Akhmat, who is now in a stressful situation, especially after Talalaev left. Although Dynamo won, it looked completely faded – 2 shots on target, 2 goals and that was enough to win.

In general, the Dynamo season causes mixed feelings. This is not at all the team that was under Schwartz in past seasons. It seems that there are some results, but there is no optimism. Muscovites spend almost all their meetings as the second number. In defense – everything is far from the best way, this is due to the departure of legionnaires. Where Dynamo will eventually end up at the end of the season is a big mystery, but I personally can’t imagine that they will fight for conditional 2-3 places.

Zenith does what he wants. He mocks his opponents. In recent matches, they humiliated Spartak (not by score, but by game), then they weighed an armful of goals to Orenburg. But in the middle of the week they took and leaked the cup match to the Wings, showing completely useless football. I am convinced that it is not worth paying special attention to this meeting. There was a semi-reserve squad, and there was no noticeable motivation at all. Petersburgers will tune in to Dynamo one hundred percent.

Despite the relatively comfortable first place in the table, I don't think that Zenit will show a dull game against Dynamo. If we talk about the same motivation for the whole season as a whole, then Zenit can not play at all. And what's the point? There will be no European cups anyway, most likely next year. But of course these are all myths. .

What are the options? I have almost no doubt that Zenith will win, they give about 1.5 for this. You can take a chance with a minimum handicap of -1, then it will already be about 1.8. But I would rather pay attention to the total of Zenith. For the IT2B(1.5) rate, they give about 1.65. It seems not much, but concrete in my opinion.

One ball may not be enough to win. Still, Dynamo, with its attacking potential, can at least score a goal. Therefore, for comfort, the St. Petersburg team needs to score at least 2 goals. I consider this choice the most reliable.

You can also pay attention to the total total of 2.5 goals. Even if Dynamo does not score, it is likely that Zenit will ship 3 goals to them, but this is with a strong desire. Whether there will be such a desire – I don’t know, but I have no doubts about 2 balls on duty from St. Petersburg.

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