DW journalists will not be expelled from Russia, – Zakharova

 DW journalists will not be expelled from Russia - Zakharov

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Deutsche Welle journalists deprived of their accreditation would not be expelled from Russia.

notification of the need to pass accreditation during the day. Passing the accreditation does not mean that they need to go somewhere”, — the diplomat stressed during the briefing.

Zakharova explained that 16 out of 19 employees of the German newspaper's Moscow office — citizens of Russia. Nobody is going to expel the remaining three correspondents either.

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the diplomatic department was surprised that neither the journalists nor the head of the bureau, who announced the “strangeness” actions of the Russian side, did not apply to the ministry, where they are always ready to provide support. Instead, German diplomats contacted the department.

‚ÄúThis is another interesting point that can serve as an illustration of the issue that the German government constantly distances itself and says that the media are autonomous and the authorities in no way not involved in their fate”, — Zakharova said.

Wolfgang Buechner, deputy spokesman for the German government, said the cabinet condemns Russia's measures against media company Deutsche Welle. Buechner called these measures unreasonable and contrary to freedom of speech, TASS.

Representative of the US State Department Ned Price condemned Russia's actions to impose restrictions on the German media company Deutsche Welle. He wrote about this on his Twitter, TASS.

Among the restrictions that Russia has imposed on DW, — the closure of the Moscow office, the cancellation of accreditations and the ban on broadcasting in the country. Such measures were a response to the ban on broadcasting RT DE in Germany.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in her Telegram channel called the German media company Deutsche Welle “NATO's propaganda machine”.

The very fact that the State Department supports DW, funded by the German authorities, “speaks for itself.” At the same time, she condemned the silence of the US Foreign Ministry regarding the false publications of Bloomberg.

The OSCE Media Representative Teresa Ribeiro asked Russia to cancel the decision to stop broadcasting in the country of the German TV channel Deutsche Welle. The message was released by the OSCE press service, generico.

According to Ribeiro, the actions of the Russian authorities are “disproportionate”. and contrary to OSCE principles on freedom of expression. She urged Moscow to allow DW journalists to carry out their professional activities.

PreviouslyRussian Foreign Ministry announced the cancellation of accreditations for employees of the Russian bureau of DW and the ban on the work of the office of the German broadcaster. The move comes amid an earlier decision in Germany to ban RT DE from broadcasting. DW stated that they would continue broadcasting to the territory of the Russian Federation, and the ban on the work of the office would be challenged in the legal field.

Soon, a message appeared on the Deutsche Welle website that the company's Moscow office was closed.

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