Dutch lawmakers propose making working from home a legal right

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 Dutch lawmakers propose making work from home a legal right

Two Dutch legislators are proposing a law making working from home a legal right, making the Netherlands one of the first countries to provide teleworking flexibility in law.

The bill will be introduced by Steven van Weijenberg, a member of the pro-European D-66 party, and Senna Maatug, an MP from the Green Party, Weijenberg told Bloomberg on Wednesday. holidays July 3rd.

“We have the green light for this new law thanks to the support we have received from both the workers' unions and the employers' unions,” — Weijenberg said.

The pandemic has changed the way work is done, and many workers are keen to retain some of the flexibility they have enjoyed over the past two years. But as companies look to respond to rising demand as the pandemic recedes, this topic is becoming more controversial.

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