Durov was plunged into a new project: “the Most important year for the history”

Дуров погрузился в разработку нового проекта: "Наиболее важный год для истории"

Well-known it developer Pavel Durov intends shortly to make a revolution in the field of blockchain

It is reported MyCrypter.

“According to information provided by Bell unnamed sources, Pavel Durov intends to submit its draft Telegram Open Network (TON) in early spring — in March. Soon the counseling Durov with the main investors of the project. Estimated earlier, at the beginning of 2019, a presentation of the TON is postponed because of “the innovative nature of the development”, — stated in the message.

Moreover, according to journalists, in the near future the developer is ready to submit the beta version.

“Over the next month, the film will demonstrate to investors the test version of the blockchain platform TON. On an official resource while there is no message about the presentation of the platform”, — underlined in the message.

In January it was reported about 90% ready TON and assurance that the following message about the project will be published in February 2019. In addition to the last month of winter testing Testnet is scheduled to check for errors.

As previously reported, bitcoin has a huge potential, but he could fall to the bottom at any time

A similar opinion was voiced by captainvalor with wall street bill Miller

Representatives of wall street rare delight bitcoin positive reviews and the more eloquent compliments. Miller, in turn, is very flattering said about bitcoin, “…as a unique technological experiment”.

Дуров погрузился в разработку нового проекта: "Наиболее важный год для истории"

The founder of the management company Value Partners investments Miller became famous for the fact that the return on its investment for 15 years in a row exceeded the profit from investing in the S & P 500. Noting the high technological capabilities of the bitcoin investor, however, cautious attitude to the future of cryptocurrency

“Bitcoin can be very expensive, and can fall to zero,” said Miller.

Miller also noted that between virtual currencies and stock markets there is practically no correlation, which makes bitcoin the best investment instrument.

This position is a businessman fully coincide with the opinion of another well-known expert of digital currencies Pompliano Anthony (Anthony Plompiano), claiming that BTC may become the best investment tool for pension funds during the crisis.

“I am not a vivid fan of bitcoin, but closely monitor the tool having high potential,” concluded Miller.

Дуров погрузился в разработку нового проекта: "Наиболее важный год для истории"

Recall that the exchange rate of bitcoin is driven into a steep dive: what will be the new game of speculators.

As reported Politeka, bitcoin attack: top politician became a victim of criptoportico.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the NBU is responsible for creating a national cryptocurrency.

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