Duke: “We must not listen to the voices of false propaganda”


Yesterday, Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a telephone conversation.

According to Haruts Sheva, the conversation was initiated by the Turkish side in connection with the tense security situation on the Temple Mount.

In a conversation with Erdogan, the Duke emphasized that Israel carefully maintains the status quo and religious freedom, especially during the holidays.

The Duke added that the Israeli police and security forces have made many efforts to allow Muslims to hold daily prayers on the Temple Mount despite provocations and incitement.

“We must not listen to the voices of incitement and false propaganda . The public looks to the leaders of the region and expects from all of us to show responsibility and bring peace to the holy days of all religions,” the Israeli President emphasized.

It is noted that Yitzhak Herzog also noted that violence in any form should be condemned , recalling the case when Jews were attacked on their way to prayer.

The parties agreed that they would continue to maintain constant contact.

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