Duet Artik & Asti broke up: Anna Dziuba will be replaced by a new member

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Artik & amp; Asti broke up: Anna Dziuba will be replaced by a new member

The artist did not specify who will replace Dziuba in the duet.

Ukrainian duo Artik & amp ; Asti, which has conquered Russian listeners in recent years, falls apart after 10 years of existence. So, the singer Anna Dziuba leaves the group, Chronicle.info reports with reference to UNIAN.

& # 171; Friends, I want to share the news with you! Now it's official! It's no secret that this year the Artik & amp; Asti turns 10 years old. 10 years since I found Anya and created the Artik & amp; Asti. Over these 10 years, Anya has turned from a little girl into a gorgeous woman and an artist! Today's day will surely become sad for many, and for some, on the contrary, joyful. For a long time there have been many rumors and guesses around this, but now I can confirm it officially & # 8212; Anya leaves the group Artik & amp; Asti. From today & nbsp; our paths diverge and everyone goes their own way & # 187;, & # 8212; said producer and duet member Artem Umrikhin.

He also added that listeners can still enjoy the work of Ani. The girl is likely to start a solo career. By the way, earlier she announced the release of a solo song in which she will tell about herself.

& # 171; Anya will probably start her solo career, and I will continue to do & nbsp; what I have been doing all my life & # 8212; write songs, look for new talents and help them realize themselves. I would like to express my gratitude to Anya. Together we have come a long, incredibly interesting and important journey! Now everyone will have their own path, and the Artik & amp; Asti continues its activities, but with a renewed lineup & # 187 ;, & # 8212; added by Artem.

At the same time, the artist did not specify who exactly will replace Dziuba in the duet. Note, they recently released a new album & # 171; Millennium & # 187;, which instantly became popular and won more than one woman's heart. And in August 2021 Artik & amp; Asti played a concert in Kiev.

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