Due to the heat, a powerful fire broke out near Berlin: evacuation is underway

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 Massive fire breaks out near Berlin due to heat: evacuation underway< /p>

A fire caused by intense heat has already engulfed almost 100 hectares of territory near Berlin, according to the German publication Berlin Spectator.

We are talking about the city of Treuenbritzen, in the Brandenburg region. In total, about 8 thousand inhabitants live in this city. Nearly 700 people have been evacuated from three districts.

The fire that broke out on Friday evening devastates, according to local media, about a hundred hectares in this wooded and rural region.

"We are asking all residents to leave their homes, this is not an exercise,", the city administration told residents of the microdistrict.

Strong wind speeds up the spread of fire and makes it difficult for the intervention forces to work, officials say.

Several federal police and army helicopters provide air support to firefighters by scooping water from a lake near the area.

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