Due to the earthquake: in the settlements of Israel it is necessary to boil water

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 Due to the earthquake: it is necessary to boil water in Israeli settlements< /p>

After the powerful earthquake in Syria and Turkey, the Ministry of Health announced today (Tuesday) that a number of other communities are required to boil water before cooking, drinking, preparing medicine and cleaning teeth. List of settlements: Doev, Baram, Yaraon, Sasa, Matat, Tsivon and Har Miron.

The announcement by the Ministry of Health came after the discovery of an unusual turbidity in the water, apparently caused by an earthquake. The ministry said it is checking the quality of the water and the correctness of the supply, and will inform the population if necessary.

The settlements announced today join the settlements announced yesterday. Among yesterday's settlements are: Beit Shean, Gesher, Neve Or, Jordana, Hamadiya, Maoz Chaim, Neve Eitan, Beit Yosef, Kfar Rupin, Ein Hanatziv, Sde Eliyahu, Tirat Zvi, Tel Teumim, Rehov, Revia, Sde Trumot, Meirav, Malkishua.

Tremors in the area have led to an increase in the turbidity of groundwater that enters the water supply system. Where water wells are drilled and from where water is pumped to discharge systems, gauges have signaled relatively high turbidity, which is detrimental to water quality. The reason for this is the movement of sand and stones in the places of pumping.

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