Due to lightning: a plane with dogs made an emergency landing in Ben Gurion

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 Due to lightning: plane with dogs makes emergency landing in Ben Gurion

The day before yesterday, lightning struck a plane that was carrying dogs from Cyprus and was supposed to land in Belgium. Due to a lightning strike, the plane was unable to continue on its way to Liege airport in Belgium, so they decided to land it at Ben Gurion airport.

There were 28 dogs on the plane, most of them adults, who were heading to the Belgian an association that was supposed to take them to new homes. Due to an unscheduled shutdown caused by severe weather, the dogs have been transferred to a protected facility of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, where they are cared for by veterinarians.

The Ministry of Agriculture explains that leaving the dogs on these cold days, in cold conditions and inside cells to fly for a long period of time, it was possible to harm their health. Therefore, the ministry's veterinarians transferred the dogs to a protected area with appropriate conditions, where they can rest a bit and endure the bad weather in comfortable conditions. Currently, the expected time of departure of the aircraft to the destination is not determined, and the dogs will be kept in a secure area until the departure of the aircraft.

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