Dubai will create the fastest supercar in the world with a capacity of 5000 HP

Not all car manufacturers are looking for environmentally friendly and economical cars. Foreign media write that the automotive startup from Dubai is going to create the fastest and most powerful vehicle in the world. To achieve this plan is specially developed 2.3-liter, quad-turbo power unit.

The Dubai-based company Devel Sixteen was founded four years ago and the name has set an ambitious goal to create a supercar with a capacity of 5 thousand “horses”, can reach speeds of 500 km per hour. It is planned that in a couple of days, November 14, at the motor show in Dubai will be presented a working prototype of the car.

Have yet to see a supercar Devel Sixteen, and many experts now doubt its capabilities. At the same time, the incredible V16 motor, which is based on his work, quite real.

Devel Sixteen has announced a partnership with Italian automaker Automobili Torino Profile. Previously, MAT has worked on the creation of a pair of supercars and has the experience that will make the new product a reality.

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