Dubai builds $135,000 Rolex iPhone

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 An iPhone with a $135,000 Rolex watch was created in Dubai< /p>

UAE designers have created a $135,000 version of the latest Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max with a Rolex watch on the back. The Daily Mail writes about this.

The case is made of titanium with a black PVD coating. The gadget is equipped with a 40 mm yellow gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch set with 8 diamonds. It has three decorative dials with dashboard switches.

“The unique iPhone 14 Pro Tyrannophone is adorned with a 3D dinosaur head that strikes fear into the hearts of your competitors with its yellow eye made of pure amber.” , – the authors explained.

It is noted that the predatory grin of the monster is not just an element of decor, but also an element of exclusivity and uniqueness, because in one of the fangs of the lizard there is an insert from a fragment of a real tooth of a tyrannosaurus rex 80 million years old .

 Dubai builds iPhone with $135,000 Rolex watch

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