Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be transferred to virtual reality

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 Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be transferred to virtual reality

The Government of Dubai recently formed a Higher Committee on Future Technology and the Digital Economy to oversee the city's ambition to become the world's leading hub for the adoption of metaverse technology.

Users around the world will be able to experience the sights of Dubai and Abu Dhabi along with real utilities from the comfort of their homes, merging the physical and digital worlds.

New key locations in the Emirates will be opened after the beta version of the project spaces that are visually, topographically and geometrically scaled to reproduce the most realistic experience in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi metaverse, with space for endless, interconnected virtual reality (VR) headsets, goggles applications for smartphones and other devices.

Unlike other VR applications that create small-scale digital fantasy worlds, the new platform is a complete metaverse with full device compatibility and is designed to be rapidly distributed .

Priven Reddy, CEO of Dubai-based Metarverse Holdings, said: “After a thorough study of other leading regions, it has been decided that Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be the very first simulated cities of our new metaverse".

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