Druze vows to kill kidnapped Palestinian workers

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 Druze promised to kill kidnapped Palestinian workers

Police launched an investigation after the kidnapping of three Palestinians in the Druze settlement of Yarka in the north of the country. A suspicion is being investigated that there is a connection between the attack and the kidnapping of the body of Tyrant Fero by armed men in the city of Jenin.

Around 03:00 on November 24, police 100 call center received a message from three residents of Hebron that that in Yarka they were attacked by several people. The Palestinians said they fired into the air and forced them into the car.

The Palestinians were later found beaten near the place where they were abducted.

In a video that has surfaced on social media, one of the kidnapped Palestinians is sitting while the kidnappers stand next to him and say: “We have detained your traitor, an eye for an eye.” A Palestinian asks the body thieves in Jenin to return it: “If not, they will kill me.”

So far, the police have not made any arrests in connection with the kidnapping in Yarka.

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