Drunk “girl” staged a striptease on board an Aeroflot plane

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 Drunk "girl" staged a striptease on board an Aeroflot plane

A passenger on a plane en route from Stavropol to Moscow staged a striptease in front of fellow travelers and tried to get into the cockpit. The details and video of the incident are published by the Mash Telegram channel.

According to the source, during the flight, the drunken Russian woman wanted to smoke and closed herself in the toilet for this. When the flight attendant made a remark to the brawler, she bared her chest and began to scream that all the passengers on the plane were in danger. After that, the traveler tried to get into the cockpit, but the crew member decided to stop her, and the girl bit him on the shoulder.

As a result, other fellow travelers helped calm the passenger and handcuffed her. The Russian woman spent the rest of the flight in them.

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