Drunk “bumps” from the national guard staged a stir in Lviv: “I went to the night club”

Пьяные "шишки" из Нацгвардии устроили переполох во Львове: "ехали с ночного клуба"

“Took off the National guard”: in Lvoe caught senior members of the National guard of Ukraine during driving the car in a condition of alcoholic intoxication objective

When the question arises-where are not very intelligent and not very moral-high-level representatives of the law enforcement system, the answer is clear: personal example of leadership.

Not only the usual driver, but also the one whose shoulder straps law enforcement officers can afford to travel around the city drunk, as indicated by video footage posted on the page Pitbull Lviv.

Пьяные "шишки" из Нацгвардии устроили переполох во Львове: "ехали с ночного клуба"

As follows from the mini-investigation, law enforcement system driving around town after visiting them in the night club on the street of Vladimir the Great.

Directly behind the wheel sat was Lieutenant Colonel of the National guard of Ukraine (NSU), a Ihor Y., and next to him was his friend, current major in NSU.

“08.02 during a RAID against drunk driving, citizens reported a patrol about a drunk driver who left the night club on St. V. Big. As it turned out, driving was Lieutenant Colonel of the national guard of Ukraine and his friend, current major. Both had obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication. After a long circus, patrolmen still made on the driver the Protocol on article 130. Just the RAID revealed the 3 drunk drivers” — the text is accompanied by embarrassing videos posted of a pit bull.

However, in the thread comments some time later came the rebuttal from someone who introduced himself as the chief of group of information and communication of the Western territorial administration of National guard of Ukraine, Colonel Oleg Tikhov.

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Пьяные "шишки" из Нацгвардии устроили переполох во Львове: "ехали с ночного клуба"

The officer stated that “the detention of the Lieutenant Colonel of the national guard drunk driving” is not true. Tikhov said that this driver is not a “Colonel of the national guard”. He noted, however, that the offender really was in the service in the structure, but not the Colonel, and the ensign. However, he resigned in December of last year.

Tellingly, three hours after this video review accompanies the text has not been corrected.

A pit bull that entered into a dialogue with Colonel Oleg Tipovym somehow didn’t correct the title, sitting behind the wheel of the offender.

Still waiting for official explanations from the representatives of the national guard of the city.

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