“Drugs will not help”: disturbing news about Kostomarov

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Russian Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov has serious complications due to sepsis and edema.

According to Russian media, the athlete suffered two strokes, several hematomas formed in brain.

Now, the media claims that he is put on a ventilator and is in a state of drug-induced sleep. coma.

“The edema has moved to the head, they are still afraid to remove it from drug sleep. So far, he is in edema,” iz.ru sources say.

It is alleged that Kostomarov is given a large amount of medication, from which side effects began. Doctors hope that his immune system should work.

“If the immune system cannot fight, then no medicine will help. When his blood was purified, they expected that the immune system would give a positive trend,” the source of iz.ru reports.

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