Drug den demolished in Acre

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 Drug den demolished in Acre

More than 350 police officers raided a criminal complex located near the southern entrance to Akko, next to the Azrieli shopping center. According to suspicions, the residential complex, built without permission and illegally, was used as a drug den for about 40 years. During the event, arrests and demolitions of illegal structures were carried out on the spot, and nearby streets were closed off.

About four decades ago, members of a family built an apartment complex on an area of ​​about three dunams, including hundreds of meters of construction without permission . The construction of the complex was carried out by invading the territory and gradually expanding in the very center of the city of Acre. The use of the complex created inconvenience as it became a center of “pilgrimage” for drug users in the area and for criminal activities.

In addition to drug trafficking and use, the complex is used for other criminal activities such as prostitution, car theft – all in order to finance the purchase of drugs sold in complex. During the operation, police officers found substances believed to be dangerous drugs and thousands of shekels in cash in the complex.

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