Drought in Europe could be worst in 500 years

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 European drought could be worst in 500 years

Andrea Toreti, senior fellow at the EU Joint Research Centre, says the drought that has hit much of the European Union will be the worst drought since the sixteenth century.

Sky News reports this.

“At this point… this appears to be the worst year in 500 years, although a full analysis will need to be done in retrospect. We have not analyzed this event in its entirety, but based on in my experience, I think it is perhaps even more extreme than in 2018,” he said. which are grown in Central and Northern Europe. But it rained in the south, which helped balance the harvest.

This year, according to Toreti, much of Europe is suffering from heat waves and dry weather, which is negatively affecting food and energy production. , drinking water and wildlife.

Drylands are expected to grow even more.

“We expect the situation to worsen in much of Europe,” Toreti said.< /p> Follow us on Telegram

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