Drones can fly longer: new technology developed

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 Drones can fly longer: new technology developed

Engineers have found a way to extend the life of unmanned aerial vehicles using ultralight parts. Stratasys senior engineer Matt Jones spoke about this at a webinar on the aerospace and defense industry, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers website reports.

Printing parts on 3D printers provides many opportunities for the design and use of drones. The main improvement is in terms of weight reduction, for example, you can create a structure in the form of a honeycomb, which is lighter than a solid one, while not losing much strength.

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Stratasys has developed GrabCAD software that allows you to use your own computer-aided design systems instead of ready-made files. It can be used to give objects different properties during printing, for example, to make a solid outer shell with a sparse inner section, or different wall thicknesses in certain parts of the structure.

drone races with a prize pool of $100,000.

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