Drones and spare parts will be printed on a 3D printer right on the battlefield

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 Drones and parts will be 3D printed right on the battlefield

American drone maker General Atomics is partnering with 3D printing startup Divergent. Thanks to this technology, the process of assembling a drone body takes only a few hours.

General Atomics will use the technology of a startup to 3D print the bodies and other elements of its drones, because it takes whole weeks to manually or industrially lay down carbon fiber, then how 3D printing significantly speeds up the process of assembling the body, which takes only a few hours.

It will also significantly reduce the cost of producing drones. The General Atomics line includes 140 assembly points for a small drone, while by integrating industrial 3D printers into these chains, the number of assembly points can be reduced to four. Adaptive manufacturing or the integration of several different technologies into the production chain – It's not a new business, but Divergent has 550 patents in this area, which makes it attractive to work with them, because these are the company's own unique developments.

In addition, 3D printing can play a key role at a time when all The world has become interested in drones, and their use in any army in the world is constantly growing. In the near future, with the help of 3D printing, soldiers will be able to print drone bodies and spare parts for them directly on the battlefield, which will greatly simplify logistics and help quickly replenish losses.

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