Drone crashed in Zagreb could have been programmed to Ukraine

 The drone that crashed in Zagreb could have been programmed for Ukraine

There is still no clarity in the international press about the incident with the Soviet-made Tu-141 reconnaissance drone that crashed yesterday in the suburbs of Zagreb.

The drone, before it flew to Croatia, spent three minutes in the airspace of Romania, and 40- Hungary. Despite this, the air forces of these states did not take any action and did not warn Croatia.

There is a high probability that the drone was simply not detected. In social networks, they write that “Ukraine has more air defense systems than the entire European Union.”

The drone has been officially decommissioned by the Russian Aerospace Forces. The drone is in service with the Ukrainian Air Force. Ukraine has stated that it is not a drone.

A theory has surfaced on social media that the drone was erroneously coded to the coordinates of the village of Jarun in Croatia instead of the village of Jarun in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine.

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