Drivers are told why you should not buy used tires

Водіям розповіли, чому не варто купувати вживані шини

When motorists question arises about the need to change tires, many begin to look for low cost options. And that option is to buy used tire. But few people know that this purchase covers a lot of “gotchas.”

Like any product in automobile tires also expire, so buying three or four rubber or even older, can give their owner a lot of unpleasant surprises.

Even if a car tire looks like new and the tread is almost not erased, then rely on the validity of such a rubber as a new not worth it, because over time, rubber loses its elasticity. If to speak about terms of storage, keep the tires prior to use, not more than 5 years, but the lifetime is not more than 10 years. Winter tires already on its third year of operation begins to lose its properties, so it simply needs to be replaced.

Водіям розповіли, чому не варто купувати вживані шини

Regarding the factors that affect the “lifespan” of rubber is a bright sun, water and reagents, unfortunately, they are not going anywhere. Also had a negative impact and long-term storage of rubber that isn’t covered, for example on the balcony.

In order to protect the rubber and “extend her life” need to use air conditioning for buses”, which helps the rubber does not crack. Also on the “longevity” of the rubber affects the driving style. Be sure that rubber was not percutanous or neokazino, since under such conditions of frequent braking and acceleration, leading to a rapid wear of the tires.

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