Driverless bus to be operated in Rishon Lezion

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 Driverless bus to be operated in Rishon Lezion< /p>

The electric buses, which will carry about 25 passengers and cover a distance of about 200 km, will be tested in Rishon Lezion.
< br />At the first stages, the buses will have an accompanying driver who will monitor what is happening and will be able to intervene in any case or malfunction. According to the plan, Egged will operate 5 buses. At the first stage of the experiment, they will work in a closed range and in test areas, after which they will take to the streets without passengers and at the last stage with passengers.

Egged will operate an autonomous bus in Rishon LeZion in cooperation with the municipality. Egged will operate the bus in conjunction with the French company Navia, whose vehicles were tested in Bar Ilan and Tel HaShomer.

This is a two-stage project that aims to explore integration of autonomous vehicles into the public transport system in Israel. The project includes the study of various operating models and their economic and operational efficiencies, and connects public transport operators with innovative technology companies in Israel and around the world.

The project's expected benefits aim to address one of the most major problems facing the State of Israel – road congestion – by optimizing the public transport system, improving passenger service, and improving security. In addition, the project is expected to help the state and the transport industry solve the problem of labor resources and an acute shortage of drivers by switching to a fleet of autonomous buses without a driver within a few years.

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