Drive her crazy: 5 types of sex that every woman loves

Зведи її з розуму: 5 видів сексу, які обожнює кожна жінка

These types of sex she likes

Sex lesson enjoyable and extremely useful. Especially if you do everything in order to have fun, not just you and she. To do this, give preference to one of these types of sex. She will appreciate and you will become a real hero!

If you want to diversify your sex life – you here. We will tell you about the best types of sex that bring maximum pleasure to both of you!

Sleepy sex

This kind of sex is particularly strong adore men who have good habit to Wake up earlier than their chosen one. It is not surprising, because the Nude lover, which barely wrapped in a blanket pretty excited and throws wood on the fire, which erupted with great force. The only thing you need – gently and without aggression to start to receive pleasure. Do it like you’re afraid to Wake her up. Such tactics will bring pleasure not only to themselves but also to her if she wakes up from the heat of your body.

Ideal position: to get behind her when she sleeps on his side.

Зведи її з розуму: 5 видів сексу, які обожнює кожна жінка

Sleepy sex she’ll love it

Wild sex

Whatever, but women often dream of not only a delicate and discreet sex, and just animals merrymaking. It is not surprising, because such love will allow you to unleash your inner beast, which once again proves that with her strong man that will protect and curb her feet.

The main rule is no bigotry. Wild sex must not end with a broken table and bruises on the body favorite!

Quick sex

You planned to go with friends for a coffee? To be 10 minutes out? Great! This is more than enough to follow your passion in the hallway of the apartment, not dropping their clothing. So, girls also want quick sex, because it throws a huge amount of adrenaline in the blood.

The main rule is to catch the moment when this not only want you, but she is. The process should be fun for both!

Зведи її з розуму: 5 видів сексу, які обожнює кожна жінка

Try to do a quick sex

Sex marathon

Oh, Yes! This kind of sex sometimes resembles the real test, but it clearly will not be superfluous in your “private portfolio”. You have planned a joint day off? Then don’t viberates anywhere. Do not turn on the TV. Just vdates passion. Again, second, third. With a break for lunch sleep. In General, do everything to ensure that she just flaked out on the pleasure (emphasize that this should be FUN).

The main rule – any factors that distract you. Vdates passions and each other. The rest can ruin a perfect day or night!


You haven’t used sexual toys? Then it is likely that it was this crucial moment. You can use interesting and spicy gadgets. Can just transform into images which excite. For example, you become a firefighter going to rescue her from the house. Or beloved is reincarnated in the nurse and will give you first aid. Believe me, this approach considerably refresh your relationship and allow you to get new emotions.

Зведи її з розуму: 5 видів сексу, які обожнює кожна жінка

Role playing will make your sex brighter

In General, don’t be afraid to experiment and get pleasure from the process. Enjoy and don’t forget that it can (and should) do under your favorite hits Radio MAXIMUM!

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