Dreams embodied in wood

Dreams made in the tree

Meet & ndash; Spartak Shakarov. A carpenter who feels the tree with all his soul. And luxury goods supplier, owner of Van Gogh Carpentry in Tel Aviv, which makes dreams come true.

Author: Avi Rosenfeld

 Dreams embodied in a tree

How many times does this happen to us? We have dreams, only routine catches up with us, we put them off until tomorrow and finally agree to some kind of temporary substitution and continue the routine.

Spartak makes dreams come true precisely for those who are ready to stop and get out of the routine and bustle. It all starts with an acquaintance. With you and with your home, and with your taste and desire. Everything else takes place in Spartak's carpentry workshop, which becomes the main headquarters for making your dreams of beauty, style, comfort come true.

 Dreams made in the tree

I have known Spartak for many years, he has no golden mean, he must be perfect, the choice of wood, precision and finish, this is his holy trinity, in addition, there is a design of color, design of space and much more.

For individuals, Spartak offers a variety of solutions, and it is here, since this is a personal production, to order you can enjoy exactly the kitchen that you imagined, or that special chest of drawers that you have always dreamed of. Veneered veneer? Colour? Glaze? Just say and share. You probably know this phenomenon, that you have a certain image in your head, but you definitely cannot convey it in words. So, even if you find it difficult to accurately explain your vision, Spartak knows how to accurately define and implement it so that you can only breathe happily and say thank you to the master.

Dreams made in the tree

Those who are not yet familiar with Spartak will be able to relax and be sure that they have finally found the right person who knows how to keep their word and schedule, who provides a personal and complete service. This person is so simple and at the same time so professional that it is not surprising that even large banks have been using his services for many years. And you know how things are with banks, how “ capricious '' they are. Discount Bank, Trade Bank, Mizrahi Bank, International Bank & ndash; all of them are on the list of Spartak's clients.

Dreams made in wood

Its services are also used by high-tech companies and other institutions. Do not be surprised that the most sophisticated equipment is installed in the carpentry workshop, Spartak strives for innovation and always cares about keeping up with the times and introducing innovations.

And now … a few personal words about the person. He is modest, (between us … even very), calmly does his job, the schedule, the schedule is in the first place for him, and really does not brag, does not publish his diary, which is full of satisfied customers who come back to him again.

Dreams embodied in a tree

So humble that he didn't want me to write about him. But I am sure that the way Spartak treats his business, his clients, then it is important for me to say the best. It is important that other people know that by ordering from Spartak once, you will understand that you have found your master. And also want to share recommendations with your friends. You must admit that it is difficult to find a professional who will fulfill your order, your dream so accurately and calmly that by entrusting him with the matter, you can sleep peacefully, being sure that everything will be done at the highest level and on time. And exactly as you dreamed.

Van Gogh Carpentry Ltd., Tel Aviv, st. Khefalakh, 9. Mobile phone: 050-6449757 Spartak.

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