Drama in Hollywood: Gal Gadot will no longer be Wonder Woman

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 Drama in Hollywood: Gal Gadot will no longer be Wonder Woman < /p>

Gal Gadot tweeted: “A few years ago it was announced that I would be playing Wonder Woman. I am very grateful for the opportunity to play such an iconic and formidable character, and most of all I am grateful to the audience. Can't wait for the next episode.”

As it turns out, Gadot's wait could be a long one – or maybe episode three won't happen for her at all. American media reports that the third episode about the exploits of Wonder Woman, which was supposed to begin production soon, is currently on hold.

The reason for this: The Gadot-starring brand is owned by DC, which has a hard time competing with the Marvel comic book empire. The success of the first episode of the Wonder Woman series was an exception that does not prove the rule. Most of the studio's contemporary films have not done well, including the second installment in the Wonder Woman series, which received poor reviews and commercial achievements no more than acceptable. Black Adam, DC's latest movie, didn't hit the box office either.

To turn things around, DC recently brought in new management: Peter Safran and James Gunn, who have had big success at Marvel with the Guardians of the Galaxy films. These two, as it turned out, began to clean the stables. They met with Patty Jenkins, who wrote and directed the first two Wonder Woman series and was supposed to be behind the third, read her first draft of the new film and told her “thank you, but no thanks.” They are interested in developing the brand in other directions.

Now it is not clear what the next step will be. According to Deadline, Jenkins could write a new version of the script and still be on the project. According to Indie Wire, an equally trusted site, Jenkins is not interested in being part of the change, and if she leaves, then Gal Gadot may also leave and another actress will take her place as Wonder Woman. Be that as it may, only one thing can be said: the future of the Israeli actress in the role of wonder woman, which until recently seemed quite secure, is now shrouded in fog.

million dollars, so if she doesn't appear in the third episode, it will be a financial savings for DC.

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