Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

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Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

It became highly dramatic in last year’s version of “The Farm” then several participants were refreshed in visiting cabins near the farm they lived on. This was beaten hard down of TV production due to the very strict coronary restrictions they adhered to.

Excited after «The Farm»

At that time, the chaos ended in Nils Kvalvik (40), who this year can be seen in the side competition «Torpet», took one for the team and traveled home from the recording.

WORD WAR: Kjell Strand was terribly bitter and thinks the wrong man smoked out of Sunday’s “Farmen” duel. Robert Michael Scott fires back. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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Smuggling and phone calls

This year, things have apparently gone more smoothly on the farm. But that does not mean that some have not stretched the elastic a little too far.

Dagbladet can now reveal that several participants have also had contact with outsiders this time.

The escapades led to food smuggling into the farm on several occasions. The contact with the strangers also offered telephone calls home – and that the production at one point was completely turned upside down, since all participants had to be coronated twice.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

– Felt bullied behind camera

Dagbladet has also gained access to photos that show that it was the Norwegian-American TikTok-stjerna «NorwayRob» – Robert Michael Scott (54), as well as Herman Herberth Herding (24), who was behind the actions.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

PHOTO PROOF: Robert Michael Scott was photographed with these people in the middle of the “Farmen” recording. The photo is published with permission from the girl in the foreground and her parents. Photo: Private
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Full alarm

It is no secret that those who participate in “The Farm” must live under strict rules, and that they are not allowed to have contact with the outside world during the time on the “Farm” farm. It became especially important after last year’s scandal, when several people left the farm and risked being infected with corona – which in turn would put multiple millions of kroner at stake.

At that time, the recording of the program was temporarily stopped. Therefore, it probably comes as a surprise that a similar drama unfolded this year as well.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

THE CLOTHES BORDERS: Herman Herberth Herding (left) and Robert Michael Scott did not allow themselves to be asked twice when they were offered extra food supplies. Here with Heidi Lereng and Sulekha Geele. Photo: Espen Solli / TV2
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Because a full alarm was sounded when TV 2 and the production company Strix found out that some of the participants had had contact with outsiders. The drama is said to have taken place at about the time of the recording which is now shown on television.

– There was talk of closing the entire production. They wanted to get to the bottom of what had happened, one of those who was present when the production confronted the participants in plenary, tells Dagbladet.

VECTRAS: Robert “Norwayrob” Scott lost weight and was not recognized by his children after his stay on “The Farm”. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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Met four people

Dagbladet is explained by the participants Scott and Herding that they – quite by chance – must have met two women and two younger girls out in the woods while they worked on the weekly assignment. The two were provided with food, and what was initially an innocent act suddenly put the recording in jeopardy at a time when the infection rates were constantly increasing.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

– A bang right in the face

After they ate together what they had already received the first evening, Scott is said to have wanted more, and designed a shopping list with wishes about which more goods they would have liked to have delivered to the farm.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

WRITE LETTER: Here is the letter, shopping list if you will, which Robert Michael Scott left in the woods to fix even more food. Photo: Private
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The shopping list was placed in the forest where they met the four outsiders for the first time, and is said to have led to one delivery at a later date.


Initially, the production company did not know who had left the farm, but confronted with the accusations, Robert Michael Scott chooses to “confess” – he serves a strongly moderated truth during the “dishwashing meeting”.

Both Scott and Herding confirm the information Dagbladet has.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

“The Farm” -Tina honest about the diagnosis

Robert admits that he and Herman were working in the woods when they happened to meet four hikers. One of them recognized Robert from TikTok – a social network where the Bergen native has over 1.2 million followers. Fearing that someone would reveal that he was part of “The Farm”, which at this time was strictly secret, the American believes that he agreed to take a picture with the hikers – in exchange for them keeping close, and not sharing the picture on social media.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

GOT FOOD: Hikers in the area lined up for the two hungry “Farm” participants. Here is the one delivery they could feast on. Photo: Private
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As a thank you, they shared their food with the hungry reality contestants. Robert makes no secret of the fact that bread slices and chocolate tasted heavenly, in fact better than eggs, after living on potatoes, fish and oatmeal for several weeks.

– It was so delicious that I almost started laughing! We ate the food right away, he says.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

– Kindergarten

– Legends

Dagbladet has also been in contact with Herman Herberth Herding, who has a slightly different version of what really happened out in the woods.

– We met these people, who stood there in the woods and waved to us. I went to them, but Robert did not dare. They asked if I wanted chocolate, and I answered in cash “yes”. Rob wanted food too – and got away. We borrowed their phones. Rob called his wife, while I called mom and dad.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

TOK SELFIE: Herman was also pictured in the meeting with outsiders in the forest around the farm. The photo is published with permission from the girl and her parents. Photo: Private
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He continues:

– Later we found out that we wanted more, and made this shopping list. The next day it was not where we left it, and Robert in particular was very stressed that it was the production that had found it. A few days later he was suddenly gone when all the participants were gathered for dinner. That was when I realized that we had got more and that he was out in the woods to pick it up.

– I think it was three days after the first meeting with them that we ate what we had been delivered to the forest. To be honest: In my book, these four are some legends.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

Moved into the car

– Like a funeral

But: Suddenly the “high lords” of production arrived on the farm. They had suspicions about what had happened, and settled with the participants to find out what had happened.

– It was said from the production side that they knew that someone had had contact with outsiders, but the other participants did not know that we were behind it. I kept quiet, but of course Robert could not and served a half-truth. They seemed a little sour.

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Robert agrees.

– That atmosphere … It was almost like being present at a funeral, he says.

TV 2: – Violation of the rules

Press manager at TV 2, Jan-Petter Dahl, confirms that the production went in and took an ever so small settlement with the participants.

– Employees in the production observed some walkers in the area of ​​the participants where a weekly assignment was worked on. Based on this, there was a suspicion of close contact with outsiders, but the production had no evidence, he says, before continuing:

– Based on this, we went in and had a little serious talk with the participants. In the conversation, we emphasized the importance of keeping a distance from the world outside the farm, given both the situation with the corona, and because this is a violation of the rules in the program, Dahl tells Dagbladet.

VECTRAS: Robert “Norwayrob” Scott lost weight and was not recognized by his children after his stay on “The Farm”. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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Several of the other participants must have been furious when they realized what had happened.

– People thought we were selfish, that we should be ashamed. But we simply did not even think about the corona. Fortunately, the mind passed quickly, says Herding.

– Robert?

– I gave them the story that I felt fit there and then, to calm people down. They were disappointed, quite furious all together, we saw on their faces that they were sad and disappointed. It got pretty loud. Some shouted and asked how we could come up with such things – that we only thought of ourselves.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

– I cried when I saw myself in the mirror

– In our own bubble

As the seriousness began to subside, Scott is said to have regretted the inventions. He explains that he did not have infection control in mind when he met the hikers in the forest.

– After so many weeks on the farm, I did not think about corona. We were in our own little bubble. But I understand, of course, that they had to take it seriously, and that it could have endangered production. Fortunately, all the tests were negative, and we were able to continue filming.

Drama behind the scenes: – Full “Farmen” dishes after this

– An unpleasant experience

Scott, 54, who describes himself as “perhaps the world’s most famous bus driver”, believes he really needed to take that phone home to his wife Beate.

– The opportunity came at a time when I was so sorry. I missed them at home and was on the verge of collapse. I am used to people dying from me about every other year, and wanted to hear if everything was fine at home. Had I not talked to Beate, I do not think I would have endured longer. The conversation gave me motivation to continue, he says.

CHANGE: In the previous seasons of “The Farm”, all the young participants have been single. This year there are exceptions, but host Mads Hansen still promises flirting. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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Press manager at TV 2 Jan-Petter Dahl says that infection control was a high priority during the recording, and at the same time confirms that everyone was tested twice.

– Two corona tests were performed after this, every ten days, so we should be on the safe side. Everyone tested negative both times.

– Why did not the violations this year have the same consequences as the violations last year?

– Last year, almost the entire cast was involved in violations that were more serious, and done with greater intent. We therefore thought there was no basis for reacting as strongly as last year, he says to Dagbladet.

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