Dozens of infected omicrons entered Israel via Ben Gurion

Dozens of infected omicrons entered Israel via Ben Gurion

According to the Maariv newspaper, dozens of people infected with the new omicron coronavirus strain entered Israel through Ben Gurion Airport.

On Friday, December 10, on a flight from France to Israel, several passengers infected with omicron arrived. It was later found that 19 of the 185 passengers on this flight were infected. Moreover, last Friday, 9 infected were detected on a flight from the same French airport.

Most of the passengers on these flights returned from ski resorts – they traveled in buses together for 4 hours to the airport. The Ministry of Health sent all passengers of these flights to quarantine.

This is not the only case of mass infection with coronavirus abroad. On a flight from Miami, 10 infected omicrons were detected, on a flight from New York – 9, on a flight from London – 10. Infected omicrons were also identified, arriving from Dubai, Madrid and Ethiopia.

Sources in the Ministry of Health They say, “ We make the same mistakes over and over again as we did in the past. We haven't learned anything. The Prime Minister and Minister of Health have already realized the seriousness of the problem, but no one has the courage to announce the closure of Ben Gurion Airport for a week before we know better how to deal with the problem. ''

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