Dozens of Hezbollah militants released in Turkey

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 Dozens of Hezbollah militants released in Turkey

About 29 militants of the Turkish branch of Hezbollah have been released in Turkey. It is reported by The Jerusalem Post with reference to the newspaper Sözcü. They were imprisoned for their role in the killing of more than 100 civilians in the Kurdish-majority city of Diyarbakır in Turkey's southeast. Turkish Hezbollah — Sunni terrorist organization dominated by Kurds. It seeks to create an Islamic state in southeastern Turkey along the lines of the Iranian regime, but is not linked to Tehran or Hezbollah in Lebanon. “The Turkish judiciary's release of mass murderers acting on behalf of Turkish Hezbollah should be understood as part of the Turkish government's wider support for jihad terrorist organizations. Hamas, for example, considers Turkey an ally,” Turkish journalist Uzay Bulut told The Jerusalem Post.

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