Dozens of cuts with a knife for cutting meat. Blaming bandits from the Abu Latif clan

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 Dozens of stabs with a meat-cutting knife. Accusation of Abu Latif bandits

The Haifa District Court indicted Ibrahim Khilaf of Basmat Tivon, Salim Shakur of Kisr Samiya and Farse Musa of Deir al-Assad. All three are charged with attempted murder at a restaurant in Kfar Yasif.

According to the indictment filed, the incident took place about a month ago when an argument arose between the accused and another person. Two of the defendants grabbed a meat-cutting knife from a cabinet located at the entrance to the restaurant.

At some point, as stated in the indictment, the victim got up from his chair, and immediately after that, the defendants attacked two of them and stabbed him in the upper part of the body with the intent to inflict death. During the attack, the victim tried to break free and run away, but the gang members threw him to the ground and continued to beat him, inflicting vigorous and strong punches and kicks on the head and all parts of the body. After that, the defendants fled the restaurant.

As a result of beatings and stab wounds, the man received serious injuries and was under anesthesia for several days. All three belong to the criminal organization Abu Latif, and the police are looking for one of the senior members of this criminal organization, who is credited with involvement in the attempted murder; after the incident, he disappeared and has not yet been found.

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