Download or buy music?

 Download or buy music?

The Internet is full of sites with free music content. You can freely download music for free on sites with free content. On such resources, almost all music is laid out in the public domain. The question arises for fans of the work of certain artists, is it worth downloading music or is it still worth buying on the official resources of the artist? What would be correct to buy or download music for free?

If a music lover is a true connoisseur of the artist's work, then he will buy the album even before its release and will hear it one of the first. And it’s not enough for every music lover and fan of the artist that 1-2 popular songs are posted on free sites. Most of the numerous sites with free music are very limited. On the one hand, they offer listeners a beautiful visually designed interface, a detailed and wide menu, as well as filters and search. In addition, these resources monitor musical events and are always the first to post everything new in music. The user on such sites will be free to listen to new songs.

But such sites do not provide an opportunity to listen to and download the full version of the new release. A fan of the artist's work, this question is always fundamental. Sites with free music offer visitors and users only scattered tracks. At the same time, one or two hit songs are offered from each new music album. For informational purposes, on such a site you can download a song for free.

But if you need a full album?

A free site will not help here. This resource is for informational purposes only. All laid out individual tracks are intended only for the user to make a decision on the official purchase of the release. And to buy the full version of the album, the listener will need to contact the official store, where the full digital version of the release is sold on behalf of the artist or other copyright holder and the funds will go to the author.

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